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Buy generic prescription drugs to keep pharmacy bills from eating a hole in your pocket.

How Much Should You Put in Your FSA?
Calculating how much money you should set aside in your FSA is very important.

Sexual Side Effects of Widely Used Medicines
Many illnesses can themselves cause impotence and lack of libido, but in other cases, it is the medication that brings on changes in sexual desire and capability.

Best Products to Get Rid of Mucus
I learned in pharmacy school that best product to get rid of the mucus is water, yes simple H2O. Even if you take the best cough remedy out there it will not work without plenty of water. That is why, when you buy any cough medication, you will read in the directions "Please drink plenty of water."

Isn’t there a new federal law to address online pharmacy drug safety?

Here is an information regarding safety of the dispensing of a controlled substance via the Internet

Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies ( – Help or Harm for Consumers?

US drug companies do not get cickbacks from the goverment or vice versa, since we do not have socialezed medicine

H.R. 6353 (110th): Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008


 One Hundred Tenth Congress

 of the United States of America


 Begun and held at the City of Washington on Thursday, the third day of January, two thousand and eight An Act To amend the Controlled Substances Act to address online pharmacies.  Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.

Isn’t there a new federal law to address online pharmacy drug safety?

Hidden Dangers At The Drug Store

The practice of Pharmacy has largely shifted away from the family owned drug store that many individuals commonly associate with the profession. National corporations and supermarket chains provide many Americans with locations to pick up their prescriptions, groceries, and clothing all in one convenient place.

"Mom and Pop" no more: Independent pharmacies get on the generic

Employee Benefit News January 2007

To help drive down the costs of prescription drugs, some employers are encouraging

their workers to bypass their insurance plans and purchase drugs directly from their

local pharmacies.

How to Find Anything on the Web


 Finding quality content on the Web can be frustrating and tedious. If you can't find what you are looking for by using your favorite search engine, it may be time to try searching on another site. Among the best ones today...

5 Questions Your Doctor Should Ask - But Won't
5 Questions Your Doctor Should Ask - But Won't

 In the US, the typical doctor's office visit lasts seven to 10 minutes. During that time, the doctor reviews your medical history, asks questions about your symptoms, performs an exam and orders tests, if necessary.

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Mylan Laboratories Launches Amlodipine Besylate Tablets and Has Triggered Its 180 Days of Exclusivity
Mylan Laboratories Launches Amlodipine Besylate Tablets

The True Solution for Ulcers

2 Australians win Nobel Prize in medicine

Medicine Balls
Balls That Could Be The Remedy For Your Workouts.

Basic Biceps
Biceps Exercise That Will Produce Eye-Popping Results.

BodyBuilding FAQ
Check Out our Expert Advice on bodybuilding with the Pros!

Women's Triceps Training
The Key to Fixing that Underarm Dilemma Lies with Triceps Training.

Basic Abdominal Workout
Taking the Jelly Out of Your Belly.

Creatine Formulas
The high-quality creatine monohydrate saturation formulas have quickly become must-have supplements for any serious body

Weightloss FAQ
Lose Weight

Women's Delt Workout
It's Time to Put the World on Your Shoulders.

Health & Fitness FAQ
Health & Fitness Questions? We've got answers.

Oatmeal is one of the best foods for those looking to lose fat and stay healthy.

Spinning Is Taking America By Storm.

Power Foods
Ten Sources for Tapping Into Your Strength.

Vitamin K
A Vitamin Rich in Health and Nutrition.

Tackling a Hairy Issue.

Too Many Vitamins Can Be Harmful to Your Health.

Saw Palmetto
The Herb of All Trades.

Deltoid 1
Blast your deltoids intelligently.

Legs for Women
Like they say in that pantyhose commercial, nothing beats a great pair of legs.

40 30 30
40 30 30 Diets are extremely popular.

Lat Development
The curtain rises. The lights dim. The show is about to begin.

Advanced Calf Training
Submitted by Patrick Kraak.

Advanced Creatine Cycle
If you're not making the gains you want on creatine, give this advanced cycle a try.

Biceps Cable Superset
If large, bulging biceps are what you want, then you've come to the right place.

CLA may help in the fight against fat.

Creatine Beyond the Basics
Advanced Creatine Supplementation Questions and Answers.

Fat Loss Tips 1
Drop the fat and keep the muscle.

Quick Fat Loss
Losing excess fat doesn't have to be difficult.

Dangers of Scales
How The Scale Can Be Either Friend or Foe in the Battle Against the Bulge.

Low Carb for Fat Loss
Get the facts on a low carb diet!

Pec Training
There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about how exactly to develop a full, balanced chest.

Leg Raises for Tight Abs!
Hanging Leg Raises are becoming one of the most popular abdominal exercises, and with good reason.

Intense Squats
Squats are often the exercise that separates the wannabes from the big boys.

Lower Abs
A great target exercise for your lower abs.

Lower Lat Tip
Lower lats can be among the most difficult areas to target.

Arm Developement
Have your arms reached a sticking point?

Complete Pec Training
Put these pec techniques to use and develop that full, muscular chest today.

Calf Training
It makes you wonder how they did it in the old days.

Have Hi-Tech Machines Left Running in the Dust?

Uncovered After 80 Years of Dormancy, Pilates is Far From Dead.

Why Walking Could Be the Solution to Your Fitness Dilemma.

It'll Make You Lose Your Lunch.

Cardio Exercises
Tips To Maintaining A Sound Cardiovascular Fitness.

Marathon Madness
Marathon Training Tips

Cardio Kickboxing
The Cardio Kickboxing Craze.

Indoor Rock Climbing
How Rock Climbing Can Help You Chisel Your Physique.

Water Aerobics
Adding a Splash to Your Workouts.

Putting the Power in Your Workout Hour.

Low Impact Cardio
Let Low-Impact Exercise Have a High Impact on Your Fitness Endeavors.

Your Sources for Energy.

Weight Fluctuation
Making Weight Loss A One-Way Trip.

Getting Extreme With Caffeine.

Dynamite Deltoids
Turn Your Shoulders Into Boulders.

Motivational Movies
Movies That Motivate.

How to Build Mountain-Sized Traps.

Heavenly Hams
How to Develop the Hams on Your Gams.

Triceps training
Building Monster Triceps.

Get Motivated!!
Five Ways to Inject the Hustle Into Your Muscle.

Chest & Tri Winning Combo
Finding the Lethal Combination.

Cross Training
The Benefits of Cross Training.

20 Minute Muscles
A Way to Get Time on Your Side.

Three Overlooked Muscles
The Trio That Has Disappeared from the Common Training Regimen.

Building Killer Biceps.

Women's Forearms
Ladies, Build Your Forearms Like Never Be-Fore.

Women's Leg Workout
How to Become a Gal With Gams.

Become Tri-umphant In Your Quest to be the Best.

Women's Chest Workout
Building the Real Thing.

Super Squats
Attaining the Winning Form-ula.

Back Workout
Back to the basics...

Leg Muscle Madness
LEGS: No Longer a Four-Letter Word.

A Way to Improve Your Rep.

Great Glutes
Working Your Buttocks.

Physio Balls
Get Grooving with a Physio Ball.

Mental Energy
Overcoming Those Mindless Blahs.

Taking Breaks
Your Muscles Will Need a Break.

Get a Super Duper Workout with These Supersets.

Choosing a Gym
Choosing the Right Gym.

Biceps for Women
Biceps are not Just for the Gents.

Calves for Women
How Calves Can Turn Your Gams Into Gems.

Burning Ab Workout
A Red-Hot Abdominal Workout.

Metabolic Thyrolean
Metabolic Thyrolean is the hot-selling new fat loss formula from ProLab Nutrition.

More abdominal training
Burning Up Your Brick House.

Wrist supports
A Wise Investment.

Step Machines
How Step Machines Can Take Your Fitness Goals to the Next Level.

Knee Raises
An Exercise So Rigorous, It'll Bring You To Your Knees.

If You See It, You Can Become.

Nutrition Planning
Eating right takes planning.

Magic Pills
The Search for a magic weight loss pill is endless.

Vary Your Grip For Full Pecs
Lack of Pec development got you down? Try varying your grip up.

Dumbbells for Variation
When it comes to adding variation into your workout, dumbbells can't be beat.

Seated Hammer Curls
Blast your upper arms with this variation of the Hammer Curl.

Intelligent Weight Loss
Keep your weight loss efforts simple by focusing on these three basic rules.

Rest Between Sets
How to Utilize that Time Between Sets.

Burn More Fat!
Try these 5 simple but effective ways to get lean now!

Counting Calories
With the 10x rule, you pay attention to total daily calorie intake and meal to meal distribution.

Reach Your Goals
Quick and easy ways to refocus your efforts and get back on track.

Adding Variation
A Few Exercises to Break up the Monotony.

Body Types
Get to Know Your Body's Genetic Makeup.

Gym Attitudes
It's Not Cool to be Cruel.

Yoga classes are becoming as common in American health clubs as sweat and testosterone.

Flat Bench Press Alternatives
A Few Variations to the Common Bench Press.

Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen
Ways for Students to Avoid that Crucial Double-'F'.

Curb Your Cravings!
The solution is simple.


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